Discuss, collaborate, plan. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

With Tack, your team can plan a project, discuss details, and create tasks all within the same platform. Getting things done has never been easier.

So what exactly is Tack?

Tack is a mobile first platform that lets you manage your projects and talk to your team seamlessly. You never have to switch between tools ever again, saving you time and money for the projects that matter.


Manage Smarter

 Our smart task management system lets you keep track of your team and stay up-to-date on your projects without any extra effort. Never miss your deadlines again.

Made for mobile

We hate when a companies mobile app doesn't have access to all their features We've designed Tack from the ground up as a fully featured mobile app. Stay connected and engage with your team anywhere in the world

The only tool you'll ever need

With Tack you have access to all of your teams task management and communication, and the best part is, they talk to each other. Tack is the swiss army knife of productivity, it's the only tool your team will ever need.


Task Management

With checklists and our proprietary two-way confirmation & feedback system, managing your team and your projects has never been easier.


We're the only platform that allows you to both view and post in as many channels as you want at the exact same time, staying updated has never been easier.


We use threaded discussions to keep conversations and channels clean and organized and Announcements for important posts. And the best part is, they both work seamlessly with our channels and tasks!


Never miss anything again.


Our Tack's are organized in a intuitive and easy to digest timeline. With more information and flexibility than a calendar, you and your team will never have to worry about missing deadlines ever again.


Checklists work for you


The easiest way to make something incredible happen is by breaking down a project step by step. Our Tack system includes flexible checklists to help you visualize and organize your projects one task at a time.


Feedback made easy


We know that projects are never as smooth as we plan them to be. Which is why our feedback panel gives managers the power and flexibility to change deadlines and checklists on the go. Making it easier to tackle anything that comes up.


Stay organized

Keep your team organized and your team focused with channels ranging from #design to #interns and even #sushicrew.

Seamless integration

Channels work throughout the whole app, whether it be with Tacks, events, announcements or even discussions; we give you the power to see what you want to see when you want to see it.


Want to view your tasks in #design or maybe even both #development and #design? Well now you can view as many channels as you want, at the exact same time. The sky's the limit, let tack adapt to your workflow.


Direct messages

Some conversations should remain private. Tack lets your team move conversations from discussions and tasks straight to direct messages seamlessly.


The worst part about group chats is both the large amount of noise and how easy it is to get off topic. Our threaded discussion board lets your team organize their thoughts in separate posts.



A message board for extremely important information that users can't comment on. Announcements are separate from the rest of the platform so they're visible and never lost to noise.



Smart and customizable notifications for every occasion, stay updated and on top of your game without any extra effort.

Marketing teams

Sales teams

Small businesses


Mid-large businesses


Project managers


Fraternities & Sororities


Professional student groups